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Getting Help For Masturbation Addiction | How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Getting Help For Masturbation Addiction

Addictions are chronic, compulsive behaviors that make an addict feel better. Masturbation addiction is like any other addiction. It’s used to relieve stress, promote relaxation, make it easier to cope with life or just get rid of unwanted emotions.

Although there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, it can become a serious problem for anyone who can’t stop doing it. Rather than a choice, it becomes a necessity. Perhaps the most serious consequence of masturbation addiction is that it causes problems in intimate relationships.

This addiction usually involves ritualistic daily masturbation. The frequency can vary, but the addict usually views the activity as a part of daily life, much like taking a shower. Most addicts are not aware of how masturbation can interfere with intimate relationships. Although addicts may be able to attract partners, they are usually unable to sustain intimate relationships, even though there may be a desire to get married and have children.

Some addicts become more compulsive, going on “binges” where masturbation continues for hours or days at a time. Pornography may be involved, with long periods of time lost in fantasy. Usually these binges are triggered by disappointments, rejections or other emotionally disturbing situations.

Because masturbation is a private activity, there may be feelings of shame and guilt. Unlike many addictions, masturbation is not something people do together in a social setting. While a problem drinker may be advised by friends and family to seek help, masturbation addiction is known only to the addict. Masturbation addicts may be the last to seek help, because they don’t see the activity as problematic.

Masturbation addiction is also less likely to cause the harmful consequences that force addicts to seek help. Unless the addict becomes involved in child pornography or feels driven to masturbate in public, serious consequences usually don’t result. What drives most masturbation addicts to seek help are feelings of anxiety and isolation, along with an inability to form and maintain healthy intimate relationships.

Therapy, abstinence and 12-Step programs are the most common treatment options. In a safe setting with emotional support, addicts can learn to manage emotions that surface during abstinence in a healthy way. During treatment, it’s important to not allow other addictive behaviors like overeating to replace masturbation. There must also be faith on the part of the addict that they can, with help and over time, overcome the addiction and enjoy a healthy long-term partnership.

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