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How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction | How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction

Although many people joke about masturbation addiction, this compulsion disrupts many lives. A masturbation fixation usually interferes with life’s many facets, such as work, personal safety and relationships, but the compulsion to masturbate is rarely the true problem. In most cases, an addiction to masturbating indicates that a deeper problem exists.

Admitting the Addiction

As with other addictions, the first step needed to stop a masturbation addiction requires admitting that the obsession exists. This sounds simple, but an addict’s mind devises many ways to remain in denial; often, people fool even themselves because their minds will do everything possible to protect the addiction.

For most people, admitting powerlessness, especially over sexual addictions, raises feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment and disgust. However, acknowledging the addiction can bring great relief. Recovered masturbation addicts liken the feeling to the overwhelming weight of a boulder finally removed from their shoulders. Once a person admits the addiction, the process of stopping has already begun.

Discovering the True Problem

During masturbation, the brain releases incredibly potent chemicals that temporarily provide comfort, relaxation and freedom from stress. These feelings lead addicts to use masturbation as a form of self-medication, compensation for a life out of control or escape from fear. The deeper issues masked by a masturbation compulsion are as varied as are individual addicts. Anxiety, depression, feelings of inadequacy and obsessive-compulsive disorder identify only a few of the issues.

Professional help gives the best means of stopping an addiction to masturbating through identification of the root problem. Commonly, addicts agree to complete sexual abstinence: By removing the escape that masturbation provides, the hidden issues surface and can receive a healthy resolution.

Professional Therapy and Peer Help

Sex therapists, sexual addiction centers and 12-step programs have proven successful in helping many addicts recover. Addicts rarely recover independently, yet admitting a masturbation addiction leaves many people feeling too shy, exposed and vulnerable to seek help. Professionals urge addicts to remember that therapists and treatment centers exist specifically for sex-related addictions; they make no judgments. Likewise, in 12-step groups such as Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), every person has experienced a similar addiction – addicts find the fellowship of people with a deep, personal experience with masturbation addiction.

If a person admits his addiction and truly wants to stop, he can recover from a masturbation addiction.

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